[Fixed] What Is Brake Hold System Problem on Honda Cars?

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You’ve come to the right place if your car is not starting due to a brake system-related warning on the Honda Civic, CR-V, or Accord, along with issues like multiple warning lights popping up and flickering on the dashboard. 

Even though the issue is common in Honda cars, especially the Civic and CR-V, it is fairly common with other cars, too. The error message can differ slightly, but the causes and fixes are the same for most make and models. In this article, I have covered everything in detail, including all the causes and solutions behind the issue; make sure you do not miss anything. 


Why Do These Warnings Appear, and Why Won’t Your Car Start?

All warnings, such as the “Electric Brake System Problem,” “Parking System Problem,” and “Brake Hold System Problem,” are mainly caused by the same causes, but one of the most common reasons behind these warnings is a drained or dead battery. 

In modern cars, there are a lot of electronic features that can be affected when the battery has low voltage. So, the Brake Hold System, which is responsible for keeping the car stationary without you having to depress the brake pedal, uses the car’s battery and will be affected when the car’s battery has low voltage or is drained. 

A blown fuse, especially the ABS fuse, can also cause this issue. Users have also reported facing this issue because the bank disabled the car for missing payments.


How to Fix the Issue?

As mentioned in the previous section, one of the most common reasons behind the problem is related to the car’s battery. I have explained in detail why the battery issues cause these warnings and how to get rid of the problem permanently. Apart from the battery issue, I have covered some other fixes, too. 

Solution 1) Turn the Car on and Off

Turn the car on and off several times until the issue is fixed. Make sure you also try to restart the car a few times; in some cases, the car starts after a few attempts. 

Solution 2) Jumpstart/Recharge/Replace Car Battery

Brake-related warnings are crucial since the brakes are critical components of a vehicle. That’s why your car wants you to know there is some issue. 

The car’s battery can drain if you leave the lights on, leave the trunk open, etc. There can be something else draining the battery, too. Also, short trip patterns can be the reason, too; for example, if you are making too many short trips, your battery is never fully recharged, and it ends up having a low voltage, resulting in a warning error. 

A dead battery would result in the same issue, too.


1) Jump start the car battery

Using a jumper cable and another vehicle’s battery, you can jumpstart your car’s battery. 

All you have to do is connect the red jumper cable from the working battery’s positive terminal to the dead battery’s positive terminal and connect the black jumper cable from the working battery’s negative terminal to the unpainted part of your stalled car’s engine block to prevent sparking. 

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Note: To check if your car has a low battery, you can check the headlights; if they are dim, that’s a sign. 

2) Recharge the battery 

If you cannot jumpstart the car’s battery, you can take it out of the car, get it charged by a charger, install it again, and start the vehicle. 

3) Replace the battery

If the battery is completely dead, you will have to replace it with a new one. 


Solution 3) Check and Replace the Blown Fuse

A blown fuse can also cause such issues, especially the ABS fuse. Check your car’s owner’s manual to locate the fuse box and look for a blown fuse. I recommend you find a fuse box diagram online and check the ABS fuse first. If you find any blown fuse, replace it to fix the problem. 


What to Do if Nothing Works?

If nothing works, you can call Honda roadside assistance or visit the Honda dealership yourself. You can also get it fixed by a local mechanic’s shop. 


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