How to Fix Chassis Control System Error on Nissan Rogue & Infinity Q50?

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The Chassis control system error is not like your regular car warnings. It is complicated since it includes various electronics of your car. Although it is slightly tricky to diagnose, unlike other car issues, I have added ample information to help you eliminate the error and drive your car peacefully again. 


What Is the Chassis Control System?

The chassis control system is a technology used in Nissan cars and other brands owned by Nissan, such as Infinity. The technology is a combination of mechanical and electronics that work together to provide good handling, stability, and safety. 

The tech uses actuators, sensors, and control modules to control wheel speed, suspension stiffness, steering angle, and brake force distribution to provide you with features such as Active ride controlActive engine brakeActive trace control, and more. 


Why Does the Car Display Chassis Control System Error?

Chassis control system error is common on cars like Nissan Rogue, Qashqai, Inifity Q50, and more. The car can display the error for several reasons, such as a dead/weak battery, faulty alternator, problems with wiring harnesses, connectors, or control modules, mechanical failures, and more. 


Symptoms That You Can Face Along With the Error

If you are getting the error, you can face some symptoms such as:

  • Dashboard Warning Lights
  • Loss of Stability
  • Traction Problems
  • Abnormal Braking
  • Fluid Leaks
  • Steering Vibration
  • Poor Handling
  • Sagging suspension
  • Strange Noises (especially during braking or at high speeds)


How to Fix the Error?

The reason why I mentioned the issue being complicated in the intro is there can be too many potential causes, and the error does not indicate the exact fault, so you may need an OBD scanner if you fail to detect the issue; if you do not have an OBD scanner you can buy one from Amazon, there are some scanners that you can connect to your Android/iOS devices as well. 

You can take the car to a mechanic’s shop if you don’t want to do it yourself. They will run the scan, and the issue will be detected. 


Solution 1) Check the Battery

If your car’s battery is dead or simply has low voltage due to some reason, it can trigger the error issue. If your car’s battery is dead, you will have to replace it with a new one to get rid of the issue. If it only has low voltage, you can get it recharged by removing it from the car, or you can start the car and go on a long drive so the battery is recharged again. 

The car’s battery can drain if you leave the trunk open, leave the lights on, etc. Short trip patterns can be the reason, too; for example, if you are making too many short trips, your battery is never fully recharged, and it ends up having a low voltage. If the car cannot start due to a drained battery, you can also jumpstart it. 

Note: If the car starts after jumpstarting, you may still get the warning, but you will not face any problem with driving. This happens because it generates fault codes for low system voltage. You would need to scan the car to clear it. 

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Also, if your car’s alternator is not working, the battery will not charge no matter how long you drive it or keep the engine on since an alternator, an electrical generator, is a component that charges the battery. 

Note: Loose or dirty battery terminals can also cause the issue; ensure the terminals are clean and tight. 


Solution 2) Inspect Wiring Harnesses

Inspect the wiring harnesses for cuts, cracks, and breaks, and check the outer rubber insulation for melted or burned areas, too. If everything looks fine, make sure the connectors are properly attached and do not have bent pints or corrosion. 

If you cannot do it yourself, get it done by an expert.


Solution 3) Check for a Blown Fuse

If the wiring harness is fine, check for a blown fuse. Nissan Rogue has a 10A fuse that can cause control system error when it’s blown. The fuse is usually blown when you turn on the ignition. So, regardless of your car model, check the fuse box and replace the fuse if you find a blown one. If you do not have a spare fuse, you can bypass the blown one temporarily. 

Note: Bypassing fuses is not recommended since it cause more problems, but you can do it in an emergency. 


Solution 4) Check for Malfunctioning Sensors

The Chassis Control System uses sensors to monitor wheel speed, suspension height, and steering angle. A malfunctioning sensor can result in the error appearing on the dashboard. The wheel speed sensor, also called the ABS sensor, if it stops working correctly, can cause the error. If that happens, the ABS light would also illuminate on the dash along with the Chassis control system error. 


Solution 5) Check for Low Transmission Fluid

Transmission is one of the most important components of a car. If the transmission fluid level drops below the required level, it will cause slower gear shifting, and the Chassis Control System error will be triggered because of it. 


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